Hey family!

What up, party people?!
Well, I got back okay to the Deutschland... It felt very weird - and still does... Everything's so small, so deutsch, so weird and all those weird people only talk deutsch!! Can you imagine? At least - thanks to Jason - I have my American-flag-mousepad...
So right now I'm trying to prepare for life. But I have to admit, I'm mostly out hanging with friends, partying, drinking... So I'm not getting much done (my room's a mess, my to-do-list longer than ever).
Last night I went to our American Diner to eat (guess, what I ordered) and it felt gooood (although the waitress spoke German). And I had a very strong deutsch cocktail but in Deutschland, once you have 3yrs of driving experience you're allowed to drive with up to 5% (know what I mean?) in your blood.
Driving: First thing I did when I got here. Killed the engine right away. It's hard to always remember to use the connector when starting the engine... But besides that I'm an excellent driver, you know me

So now I'm gonna go have breakfast with a friend (it's 12.05pm)... It's nice to sleep long

Alright everybody:
Whenever I see/hear funny stuff or just stuff n things I always think "Oh, I'm gonna have to tell Joedi/Jason this!"

PARTY ON! so to speak

P.S.: This smilie reminds me of Josie's decoration on my goodbye-envelope

P.P.S.: Here's why German people don't throw the toiletpaper in the toilet - we're afraid:

P.P.P.S.: Jason, this one's for you!

P.P.P.P.S.: And this one's for you, Joedi
15.8.08 12:07

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